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Pricing Packages

Pricing for small and big companys. Choose a package that suits you.
Ask our staff to help you.

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Your 14-day trial starts on the ProteusMini plan.
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100% Moneyback Guarantee

Buy with confidence: if you are not 100% satisfied with ProteusThemes and our complete service, we offer 30-day money back guarantee!


Pricing Table

  Standard Proffesional Platinum
Competitor Analysis 10 competitors 16 competitors 22 competitors
Keyword Research 5 words 9 words 12 words
Content Marketing 4 per month 6 per month 12 per month
Link Building 4 per month 6 per month 12 per month
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Monthly Price $120 $330 Get in Touch
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The modern world is in a continuous movement and people
everywhere are looking for quick, safe and successful means of accessing accurate information.

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Included Features

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All the social media content that we create is authentic to deliver the best results.

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Data Security

We would then identify what your customers are saying, where they are saying.

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Competitor Research

Every Marketing WordPress Theme strategy that we take will increase.

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24/7 Communication

It is seen that great content gets shared much more than the ones that are just plain simple.

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Every Marketing WordPress Theme strategy that we take will increase.

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Content Prioritization

it is important for all modern companies to create a social landscape and deliver.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact our help center which is open 24/7
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