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The Relationship Guy Podcast – the show about all things relationships.

The Relationship Guy Podcast


Listen to my Relationship Ramblings, where I will share my knowledge and experience of relationships, including: how they impact on your life, how to create healthy relationships, how to manage ones that aren’t so great and how to have a great relationship with you. 

Great guests – talking about the importance of relationships in their lives – their personal and business relationships – giving great advice and insights. 

Coaching sessions – Live coaching with people one to one on the show – looking at a specific issue they need resolved (please contact me if you would like to appear and receive some coaching). 

Case Studies – client issues from the past and how these were resolved. 

Listen to The Relationship Guy Podcast here:

Feedback on the podcast:

Hi John,

Just a short message to say thank you for your podcast and conversations/solos’! 

I usually listen to podcasts on the way to work or during longer drives and you and your guests / Steve Ody and others are lovely companions to have in car.

The subjects are serious and life changing (should one wish to roll the sleeves up) but it is never presented in a heavy way. I appreciate that the way you speak comes from kindness, knowledge, no judgement, experience. And the humour and your voice is a bonus, even if you read something like book of physics would be a not hard on ears 😀

Listed in the Top Ten Relationship and Dating Podcasts in the UK and now recommended by Best in their Top 7 UK Podcasts for Dating and Love Advice – Read their article on the show here.