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Life Mastery – Find Your Path to Success is a full day self-development online seminar where you will learn valuable tips and techniques on how to take action in your life and make 2020 your best year yet!


We have a panel of speakers, all on hand to discuss their experiences with you about how they were able to change their own lives and turn them into the ones that they can now call fulfilled and successful.

Each speaker has a different area of expertise and will be sharing their story and their knowledge, for you to be able to take away on the day and use immediately in your own life.


Confirmed speakers:

Tammy Rolfe: Coach, Speaker, Author and Mum – Founder of Motivated Mummies

For over 20 years, Tammy suffered from severe anxiety, depression, and social phobia. Since she overcame these, she has dedicated her life to working alongside motivated women to provide the support they, and their families need, to live their best life.

Tammy will teach you the 5 simple techniques she used to transform her social phobia, anxiety, and extremely low self-esteem into an essence of confidence and inner peace.

Natasha Grano: Motivational Speaker, Author, Social Media Expert and Film Producer.

Natasha has created her own personal brand, amassing over one million followers on social media.

Having used her platform to sign a record deal and Co-Produce a Hollywood film she is now drawing on her experiences to support her passion for bringing like minded creative individuals together, to mentor and help draw the full potential out of people. With the promise that positivity, proactiveness and heart felt passion is a sure way to get the very best out of life.

Natasha will talk about how to implement the Law of Attraction for health, wealth and happiness.

Her book: ‘The Action Plan’ has just been released.

Jenny Verano: Motivational Coach and Speaker

Since 2009, Jenny has coached hundreds of people to feel motivated, confident and energised.

Helping them from a position of overwhelm to build new careers and more fulfilling lives.

She will show you how to create a new habit using her successful 7 Step Model – How to Make Things Happen With Ease.

Jenny believes that you’re not meant to struggle, in her own words: “Life wants you to win, but you have to believe you can and take action”

Loubna Ammer: Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

Loubna is an awarding winning entrepreneur. Having moved from the United Arab Emirates to Germany she now connects businesses and professionals from the West to the East.

As a Syrian refugee, she will tell you how she has turned her life from firstly one of hardship and then professional stagnation, into the award winning businesswoman and mother she is today.

Helping you to overcome hardships and find clarity of mind.

Hana Esselink: Intuitive Coach, Mentor and Author

Hana Esselink has used her skills and training from Public Relations and Communications and transferred those into her role as an Intuitive Coach.

She helps people to overcome their challenges and blocks, finding solutions within themselves so that that can become more creative, free themselves from negative patterns, heal old emotional wounds and move forwards.

Along with sharing information on how to do this, she will guide you through an exclusive meditation on the day to show you exactly how it can work.

Your host for the day is John Kenny: Transformational Relationship Coach, Founder of Interpersonal Relationship Coaching (IRC) – Author, Speaker and Documentary Maker.

John has worked in the self-development field for well over a decade, helping thousands of people to live a the life   that they choose, rather than the one that keeps them stuck in a place that brings on all sorts of emotional and mental health issues.

He has fused his knowledge and personal experience to create IRC – an approach incorporating coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Having struggled with negative self-beliefs and self-sabotaging his life for over 40 years, living a constant cycle of toxic/unhealthy relationships, John now focuses on helping others to be confident in their own relationships and overcoming their personal blocks to success.

John will be going through the steps that show you how you think, feel and do what you do and why you do it.  Also discussing other things around living healthier relationships.

Tickets for the event are FREE!!  Yes, that is correct… FREE!!

Don’t miss this opportunity to see some amazing speakers!

Empower yourself with the knowledge to make a difference in your life.

Learn techniques that can help you to overcome any challenges that you face.

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