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Hypno-Virtual Gastric Band

Hypno-Virtual Gastric Band Fitment takes you through the process of having a Gastric Band fitted under hypnosis. There is no actual operation involved, but at the end of the session you will feel as though you have had a band fitted, and it will make you feel exactly the same way as if you had experienced the operation itself.

The session, which can take up to 4 hours to complete, will leave you with a physical feeling of having had the operation and your stomach will feel as though it has been banded, restricting the amount of food intake.

You will have all the benefits of the operation without the need for surgery, and with no scars at the end.

If you were to pay for the actual operation you would be looking at anything from £5,000 upwards, with any follow up adjustments required at £1,500 a session. To have it removed can cost a further £5,000.

The cost of having a Virtual Band fitted are roughly one tenth of this price, and of course you haven’t had to go through the surgery itself. There are no waiting lists and no risk involved.

Gastric Band surgery is recommend if you need to lose over 2 stone or 12 kilograms in weight.

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