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Life Mastery

In the 1-2-1 and couples programme I will help you to be more aware of the issues in your life, create a deep understanding of the processes that have taken place and that still take place keeping these issues as they are. You will know your own emotions and will recognise your own thoughts and behaviours, increase in confidence and be empowered to live your life on your terms.

At the same time, with the couples coaching, understanding each other and the things that you need to do in order to live the relationship that you want.

We will also have communication via email between sessions for any questions you may have, or if you discover any insights or if problems come up. There also be tasks set for you to complete outside of sessions.

If you decide to choose the P.E.O.P.L.E Programme you will discover:

How you really feel?    Why you feel this way?    Where these emotions come from?

When you first noticed these types of emotions? In what relationships does it feel most powerful?

And much much more!

Your coaching will be tailored to your needs whichever programme you choose!

All 3 and 6 month packages include a DISC Personality Profile -usually priced at £59.00 (except the 8 session only package).

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