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Group Coaching

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Group Coaching


Be Relationship Ready in 90 Days!

My group coaching programme consists of six, two hour sessions spread over 90 days.

In this time we will work together on your specific needs to get you in the right space to find the relationship you want in your life. .

We will look at why things haven’t worked out with your previous partners and the things that are stopping you from having the relationships you want.

With me as your coach, I will help you to experience the best results possible, to feel something that you have never experienced before and gain an understanding that gives you confidence and choices as you go out and create your great relationship. With the input and support of your group, you can share your story in a safe, confidential environment, connecting with like minded people on a similar journey and looking for the same outcomes as you.

Whilst you learn about yourself, as you are working within a group, you will also learn about others and why they do what they do, opening up your eyes to the world of complex human behaviour. This added tool will help you to understand not only yourself, but be able to read others more clearly too.

What is involved?

The Relationship Ready in 90 Days group package includes the 12 hours of coaching, access to a private WhatsApp group, to share and help others throughout. Creating a supportive, encouraging and accountable environment for everyone involved. 

For more private conversations, you can email me between the group sessions too.

It all begins with 30 minute one to one call with me to discuss your personal situation, so that I have an understanding of your outcomes for out time together. 

Fill out your details below to contact me with any questions or for more information.

I look forward to speaking to you.

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