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“In order to be understood, we must first seek to understand” – Steven Covey


What is DISC?

DISC is an assessment system that opens a doorway to powerful communication.

It stands for:

D – Dominant

I – Influencer

S – Steadiness

C – Compliant

DISC can identify:

  • Motivational drivers
  • Goal setting preferences and goal achievement processes
  • Decision making strategies
  • How you communicate and like to be communicated with
  • Greatest fears
  • Possible challenging areas of your life
  • Plus much more

It will also help you to:

  • Understand how you see yourself
  • Understand who you are around others
  • Understand how you manage stressful situations

It has an accuracy rate of 95% but will not identify abnormal behaviour (such as personality disorders)

How it works with coaching

As you may have already surmised DISC is a way of understanding how you work, how you see things and what you need to know in order for you to be successful. It can help with how you relate to yourself and others.

How I work with DISC

I use DISC to help me to understand how you would like to be coached, as it gives me an insight into what you need and how you can work towards the life that you desire. It also gives a frame of reference to how you see yourself, which helps when we are trying to understand who you are and the space you come from. There may be aspects of your personality that show up in your DISC assessment that you are not happy with, we can look at where this comes from and how it can be changed along with how to utilise your strengths.

The DISC assessment is part of your Relationship Ready packages. Platinum includes the a DISC exploration session too.

DISC comes as a 17 page PDF report for £59.00 and if you wish to have the 45 minute DISC Discovery Session to discuss your DISC assessment in detail, we can do for an additional £85.00. Purchase both together for £119.00, saving £25.00.

DISC does not define you to a specific role in your relationships. You can use your own style to adapt to situations and gain any desired result.

Click here or call me to discuss your needs or book your DISC below:

DISC Assessment – £59

DISC Discovery Session and Assessment Report – £119