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Who Dates a Narcissist and Why?

In the last post on narcissism, I talked about the types if narcissist that exist, and here I am going to talk about why it can be difficult to identify a narcissist, why people have relationships with them and the type of person a narcissist will generally target....

What is Narcissism?

What is Narcissism?

 For the next few of my posts, I am going to explore the world of narcissism. It is a word that is used a lot more frequently than it used to be and comes up a fair bit in the sessions that I have with clients. ‘Narcissism is the second-hand smoke of our time, if you...

Self Gaslighting

One of the most popular episodes of The Relationship Guy podcast so far has been the one where I talk about gaslighting, from July 2021. It is a term that has become commonplace in the media and is, in my opinion, used far too frequently to describe someone’s...

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