What to Avoid When Dating

I have worked with several people recently who have decided it is time to start dating again. This is a brief list of things to avoid when we get back on the dating train based on their experiences of past … Read More

Can’t Go No Contact with Your Narcissist? Try Grey Rocking Instead

Is there is a narcissist or toxic person in your life and you have little choice but to interact with them? That actually walking away and having no contact just isn’t possible, or for your own reasons you have chosen … Read More

Article on Vulnerability


At my recent Relationship Mastery Workshop I asked people to send in questions prior to the event to be answered on the day. One sparked a debate, based around vulnerability – the question being: How can I be more open … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Keep Attracting Toxic Relationships

A question that I hear a lot when I am discussing unhealthy relationship patterns is ‘why am I always attracted to toxic people?’ or ‘why are toxic people attracted to me?’ You may have read lots of books on the … Read More

10 Things You Can Do to Change Your Life

1.Know what you want – one of the most common questions I ask my clients that gets an ‘I don’t know’ reply is ‘what do you want?’ We are driven by need and we need to know what we want, … Read More

7 Things to Recognise from Being in a Toxic/Unhealthy Relationship

When you take the time to reflect on your relationships from the past (or even look at the one you are in now), here are some things to recognise that they were toxic/unhealthy and what you can learn from them: … Read More

Being Caring Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Relationships

Empathy is the ability to compassionately feel others’ feelings and empathise with them. To ‘walk in their emotional shoes’. While empathy can be wonderfully helpful, it can also cause you to make mistakes that can hurt your relationships and lead … Read More

How to Notice that Being in a Toxic/Unhealthy Relationship is Affecting You Physically

Your body will react to the environment that it is subjected to. There is scientific evidence available to show that if you are subject to an emotional situation then it will have a direct impact on your physical state. You … Read More

Why Some People Won’t Apologise!

Or if they do then it is never really sincere! You have probably experienced times when people find it so hard to say sorry! I know that I have and it can be very annoying. It seems as if those … Read More

Why Would Someone Emotionally Abuse?

An emotional abuser causes others to suffer when: You do not comply with their emotional needs that were deprived of in childhood. and/or To protect themselves from the pain they felt because of this deprivation. If you are not meeting … Read More