Something You Really Need to Know About Love

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What is it About Relationships? – Part Two

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What is it About Relationships? – Part One

I have been working with a client recently, (permission received to write about this due to its significance – for the benefit of this I will call her Debra), who has a destructive pattern when it comes to relationships. The … Read More

Grey Rocking – Part Two

What to expect when you try and ‘Grey Rock’ When you use Grey Rocking with a narcissist or someone toxic, you will no doubt, get a reaction. As mentioned in part one – you never tell anyone that you are … Read More

What to Avoid When Dating

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Can’t Go No Contact with Your Narcissist? Try Grey Rocking Instead

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Article on Vulnerability


At my recent Relationship Mastery Workshop I asked people to send in questions prior to the event to be answered on the day. One sparked a debate, based around vulnerability – the question being: How can I be more open … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Keep Attracting Toxic Relationships

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10 Things You Can Do to Change Your Life

1.Know what you want – one of the most common questions I ask my clients that gets an ‘I don’t know’ reply is ‘what do you want?’ We are driven by need and we need to know what we want, … Read More

7 Things to Recognise from Being in a Toxic/Unhealthy Relationship

When you take the time to reflect on your relationships from the past (or even look at the one you are in now), here are some things to recognise that they were toxic/unhealthy and what you can learn from them: … Read More