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Coaching Professionals to Attract and Create a Healthy Loving Relationship

Coaching Professionals to Attract and Create Healthy Loving Relationships

The 80 year Grant Study (Yale University) concluded that the biggest indicator to living a fulfilled life is the quality of your relationships – As a Relationship Empowerment Coach, I help You to create that quality!

One of the biggest influences on the relationships that you attract is your Attachment Style.

Do you feel anxious waiting for people to message you back? Have you been ‘ghosted’ before?  Are you keeping people at arm’s length when you meet someone? Have you given up on finding the right person? Your attachment style can tell you so much about the relationships you experience. Take my free quick quiz to discover your attachment style instantly.


What is the importance of relationships in life?

As I mentioned above, they are fundamental to your overall quality of life.
An unhealthy/toxic relationship can lead to more than you would imagine.

Think about the relationships that you have had in the past:
What did they feel like? What emotional, mental and physical impacts did they have?
I am guessing that, as you are here, they didn’t feel great!
They can be draining, exhausting, stressful and distracting. Leading to lack of energy, depression, anxiety and disengagement from your emotions and other areas of your life, such as your hobbies, friendships, business or career.
Have they left you feeling lost, directionless, stuck, aimless? At their worst they can make you feel like giving up on life itself!

How to achieve the relationships you want:

Want to get yourself ready to attract the right person into your life? My Be Relationship Ready video and group coaching programmes are now available on Teachable.

Find out what stops women getting into a healthy, intimate relatonship.


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Are you someone that is disengaged from emotions, cannot function because of all the issues you have experienced in the past, feel lonely and that you will never find that person you want in your life? Are all the good ones gone? 

You can understand yourself at a deeper level and improve the relationship you have with yourself. 

So that you never have to experience a toxic or unhealthy relationship ever again, avoiding all of the pain and disappointment from your past.

Qualifications and Training:

Diploma Level in Coaching, Counselling, Psychology and Hypnotherapy

Coaching Certification Training with Master Coach and
Transformational Coaching Academy

NLP Practitioner

Author of the book – The P.E.O.P.L.E Programme

Certified DISC Personality Profiler

ILM & OCN Qualified Mediator


Award Winning Coaching

Award Winning Coach

Associate Relationship Coach  – The Matchmaker UK – Professional Matchmaking Services

Working associate with Pi Society – Personal Matchmaking Services

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